Electronic bingo machine

Electronic bingo machines

Our range of bingo machines offer everything, from the budget 'Saga 2' right through to the feature packed 'Multi'. Truly something for every venue, whether you are a small pub or club to a larger halls and community centres. We even have extra 'EDU' display units that can be hooked up to your bingo machine to display numbers called all around your venue.

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Random number selector

Random number selectors

Play draws or raffles?

Sick of the large and hard to store tombola?

Well our compact electronic number selector may be the answer.

Put in your start and finish number and away you go and with large bright displays the whole room can see the draw.

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Electronic darts scorer

Electronic dart scorers

We all love a game of darts but what's with all the maths and having to use a chalkboard. Over the past few years our range of electronic darts scorers has expanded into quite a collection. We've got the lot, from a traditional 'Dartsmate 3' basic 501 type scorer to a range topping 'Dartsmate Match' league scorer. Lose the chalk for ever.

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About us

Keyglory Limited was formed in 1983 to manufacture electronic bingo machines, random number selectors and dart scorers, for sale to clubs and pubs. We also manufacture a 'ton machine' darts scorer for worldwide darts giant Winmau. In all these years we have picked up a wealth of knowledge in this marketplace so if you need any help or want to contact us for a trade price list please feel free, we'd like to hear from you...